Bargain Exchange: Indie Gala 6

Indie Gala Logo for Bargain Exchange Feature on Gaming Advance

This is slightly old news, but I thought it was worth addressing all the same. Especially when we have six days remaining. That’s more than enough time to take advantage of this bundle. Yup, that’s right! Bargain Exchange is back so soon, and round two brings you the sixth Indie Gala bundle.

The Indie Gala is a bundle where you may pay however much you want from a minimum of one dollar. Those who choose to pay more than the average also get bonus titles, which serves to encourage higher donations. And yes, I said donations. The money that you purchase the bundle with supports charity. Of course, it will also serve as to support the developer and you can even give a tip towards the indie gala organisers. The entire system is pretty identical to the Humble Bundle.

The sixth bundle comes complete with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, and The Void. Paying more than the average can also bag you Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Ion Assault and Trauma – all of which are available on Steam.

All of the Commandos titles, all of which are developed by Pyro Studios, are real-time strategy games set during the second world war with a pretty damn good aesthetic. The Void, developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, is a first person adventure game that comes across very ‘arty’. You’re lingering in the void, the realm before death, where the most important but exhausted resource is colour. Speaking of colour, that brings me to Ion Assault.

Ion Assault is by Coreplay GmbH an incredibly colourful and seizure-inducing shooter that’s very arcade-esque and has a similar flashy style to it as Beat Hazard. It’s flashy and crazy, and it definitely looks very fun.

In keeping with the world war theme that half of the bundle comprises of, Air Conflicts by Games Farm is a flight simulator where the player must survive a number of scenarios whilst fighting a variety of enemy units – which includes infantry, tanks, ships, trains, you name it. It does look pretty fantastic.

Cargo is another title developed by Ice-pick Lodge, and it’s completely different in tone to the relatively dark ‘The Void’. The game revolves around a creepy looking race named ‘Buddies’ who just want to have fun. There’s a pretty interesting crafting component to the game, according to the trailer, in which you can create crafts to fly in and so on.

Last, but not least, is Trauma, developed by Krystian Majewski. Trauma is an adventure title that uses photographic visuals, where you experience the dreams of a recovering survivor of a car accident where she subconsciously deals with the tragedy and her trauma.

So there we have it, Indie Gala VI. It looks like a mighty fine bundle. Currently, the minimum price to receive all the titles lands on $6.24. I’d say that’s a perfectly reasonable price for all that it offers. I will admit this, though. I wasn’t really that interested in the bundle until I really took a look at what was available. The games all look pretty fun, and each have something that interests me. And let’s also remember that this is for charity too. I definitely support this bundle.

Indie Gala – Indie Gala VI