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Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 3

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim in Bargain Exchange for Steam Summer Sale

Another day; another sale. And today’s a big one. That’s right, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has gone on sale! And it’s absolutely… underwhelming. A fifty percent discount leads the game to be about £17 here in Britain. While it’s a good discount, I mean they did cut half of the price off, it’s just pretty expensive compared to anything else in the sale. That may just be me though, but I go by the rule of only buying games during Steam sales at -75%. Sometimes I pick up a title for 66% off. 50% though? I mean, if I waited this long to get the PC version I’m sure I could wait for it to get even cheaper. It just seems more like one of those special sale weekends. It’s not really that special at all.

Orcs Must Die! for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Anyway, without further delays, the first thing that tickles my fancy this time is Orcs Must Die! Developed by  Robot Entertainment, is an indie game involving tower defence mechanics. It launched around a similar time as the acclaimed Dungeon Defenders, which often lead to people to debate the two as to who is better. The general consensus? Orcs Must Die is usually regarded as a better tower defence game – at least for the single player campaign. Unfortunately, Orcs Must Die lacks multiplayer, but at a 75% discount, I heavily recommend this title. You can find a review here.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

A frequent occupier of daily deals, Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is also heavily discounted at 75% off. Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K games, Borderlands is an AAA first-person shooter title that combines elements from the role-playing game genre. It looks spectacular with its use of cel shading, has a fantastic four player co-op experience, and is an all round good game. Unfortunately, the bland environment can lead to the game progressively getting tedious – especially in the single player campaign. I’ll suggest this to anyone who has friends who they can play this with, as it’s still great fun to play. And remember, if you do pick it up: make sure to grab the Game of the Year Edition. You may find a review here

Frozen Synapse for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Frozen Synapse is a game that many should have by this stage as a result of the Humble Bundle. For those who missed it, Frozen Synapse is a turn based strategy game developed by indie studio Mode 7. The title is on sale at a whopping 80% discount, making it incredibly cheap and an amazing bargain. The game also has a demo available for download through the Steam client, so it’s always cool to try it before you buy it. You can find a review of this award winning title here

Two Worlds II for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale.

Next up we have Two Worlds II, a role-playing game developed by Reality Pump Studios and published by Zuxxez Entertainment, is the sequel to the notorious Two Worlds – a game made famous for being terrible. Two Worlds II is a vast improvement, but still features a myriad of problems. While this would normally result to the game just being ignored and not even getting a mention here, Two Worlds II still does some neat stuff. It’s no Elder Scrolls, but it’s worth taking a look. I can’t help but feel the need to suggest that you look at it, but I’m not so confident as to just outright recommend it completely. It certainly helps that it’s discounted at 75% off. You may find a review for it here.

Dead Island for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale.

Also relatively notorious for being broken, we have Dead Island on sale at 66% off. While being pretty disappointing, especially at launch, Dead Island is an interesting action game with the same ever-so-popular role-playing game elements that seem to make their way into a vast number of games lately. Furthermore, it also followed the standard theme at the time – it was filled with zombies. To its defence, it has a good four player co-op experience and is handled fairly well minus a few hiccups. I suggest checking it out. You can find a review here

Lastly, we have Tropico 4. While being a pretty poor sequel, being that it doesn’t really add too much more, the game is certainly worth picking up should you not own the third title. Tropico 4 is a strategy and simulation game where the player may build and develop their city and land. It features social networking integration, a reasonably good campaign, and a number of natural disasters. It’s certainly a fun game, and well worth the 75% discount. Tropico 4 is a game that I recommend. Take a look at a review here.

And that’s pretty much it. Skyrim could have been reduced more (a comment that’ll probably upset a number of people), Dirt Showdown isn’t really worth much of a mention as far as I’m concerned, and the Indie Bundle this time was good, but nothing we’ve seen before. If you don’t often buy indie bundles, pick it up. Otherwise: I’d avoid the remaining three items. 

Trailer: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Announced

Out of nowhere comes the fabulous announcement trailer for a brand new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game. It looks crazy and over-the-top and just what I’d expect from a Jojo game. Seemingly characters from all eight parts will be making an appearance.

The title is based upon the Japanese graphic novel series named Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, written by Hirohiko Araki. The comic (or manga for the easily offended Japanese fanatics) is comprised of eight parts and has been going since the 80’s. Each part follows a protagonist of the Joestar bloodline whose name can be shortened into “Jojo”. The franchise itself is famous for being over-the-top, having crazy pseudo-science, and being extremely campy. It’s a franchise I hold dear to my heart. 

It’s unknown whether the title will see a western release, as the last game to be brought over was the title released on the original PlayStation. It’s being developed by CyberConnect2, the developers of the popular Naruto fighting games as well as Asura’s Wrath. All Star Battle will be a PlayStation3 exclusive title.

Bandai Namco - Official All Star Battle Website

Trailer: Deadpool Announced

Announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, it appears that High Moon Studios (the developers of a personal favourite – Transformers: War for Cybertron) have been working on a Deadpool video game. It’s pretty exciting news, as the mercenary with a mouth has yet to receive his own game. At least until now.

Deadpool is a pretty popular Marvel comic book character, finding himself ranked high in a number of notable lists. He’s an unstable lunatic with a sense of humour and incredible healing factor who happens to quite frequently break the fourth wall. The trailer also confirms that Nolan North will be reprising the role.

The trailer itself seems to reveal little else beyond the graphics style and that the game will be a third person action game. It sounds like a great set up, and I have a lot of faith in High Moon Studios. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this title.

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Ninja Gaiden 3

I have to say I have always been a fan of Tecmo Koei, but this game destroyed my faith in them.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is probably the most annoying game released by Tecmo Koei. Before I got this game, I avoided listening to any criticism that the title received and any comments from any form of sources. However, upon playing this game I came to realise I had wasted my money. Ninja Gaiden 3 is suppose to be the third game in the series and I chose my words carefully. Suppose. Are you serious? This game tried to steal ideas from what appeared to be Metal Gear Rising. This game was no longer a Ninja Gaiden game! The game that I used to love had changed. There are no weapon upgrades, there are no recovery items and there are no Nippon items.
Publisher: Team Ninja
Developer: Tecmo Koei
Platforms: PlayStation 3(Reviewed), Xbox 360
Release Date: March 23rd 2012
Rating: 18 (BBFC), 18 (PEGI)

The game is split into several days. The idea is that you have a certain number of days to save the world from destruction. The player plays through the game, slaughtering enemies with your sword as well as your bow and arrow – which I may add is the most unbalanced weapon ever. You can go through the game shooting people with the bow which explodes, allowing you to mash the shooting button without making too much of an effort. But don’t worry guys, if you need a health boost you can just use your Nippon and take out enemies. This ultimately leads to your health being restored. It’s unbalanced as the Nippon now annihilates every enemy in the area. The Ninja Gaiden game, which used to be about skill, has turned into nothing but a hack and slash, and figuring out a basic pattern with the bosses so that you can beat them easily. There’s little challenge.
The protagonist of Ninja Gaiden 3 will always have the same attitude and same personality. He hasn’t changed and will always be a likeable character. His choices and attitude makes him a good character to play and watch. However, the other characters were even more entertaining. I personally enjoyed watching some of the characters making a fool of themselves.
Oh that’s right.  A lot of this game happens to be focused around video clips. You spend a lot of time listening to mission briefs and watching Ryu struggle with a curse that he is given at the very start of the game. But the thing is this curse apparently makes him stronger? Good curse, right? Given enough time you can just press triangle to use your ultimate attack and defeat six or seven enemies. When could you ever do this on any other Ninja Gaiden games!? I’ll give them some credit though, there are some quick time events in the clips which makes you want to pay attention but even if you fail the quick time event will always be the same.
Alright let’s talk about the graphics here. I have to admit they were pretty decent. I would have to say the faces were beautiful an I loved the look of the female characters. The backgrounds were pretty decent as well, but the most annoying thing were the cars in the game. Now call me picky but these were just stupid and poorly rendered. They didn’t look like PlayStation 3 graphics at all. They looked more like they came from the Nintendo 64! The front of the war was just blurry and looked messy it ruined it.
In all fairness, I might have expected too much from this game as I have always been a fan of the Ninja Gaiden games. This game just upset me. Ninja Gaiden 3 doesn’t deserve a purchase at full price. I suggest either waiting till the game is cheap or just renting the game. It’s just not worth playing at full price.
Ninja gaiden scores 5/10. It was completed on Hard Difficulty,without any downloadable content installed.
(The review is entirely subjective and should not be considered fact. This review is the author’s opinion and nothing more. Feel free to discuss the review in the comments below, but try to keep it civil. You are also entitled to an opinion that may differ from the author, and don’t forget this!)

Bargain Exchange: Steam Summer Sale Day 2

Steam Logo for Steam Summer Sale Bargain Exchange feature.

Where’s my next Steam Summer Sale post? It’s nearly day three and I’ve still to get Gaming Advance’s sale guide! What can I do?! Well, have no fear, for Today’s Deals continue on until mid-day tomorrow. The reason for the delay in this post is, frankly, my lack of enthusiasm for the titles on sale today. Let’s take a look.

Sonic Generations Header from Steam for Bargain Exchange

To start us off, Sonic Generations by SEGA is on sale at a -66% discount. Considering the PC version (and superior version might I add) was cheaper, this is a pretty good discount. In all honesty, this is probably my most favourite Sonic game for the past two decades. Considering his reputation, that wouldn’t be too hard, but Sonic Generations was an absolutely fantastic and fun title that even manages to resolve the issues many had with 3D Sonic. This is one that I recommend. You can view Totalbiscuit’s WTF is Sonic Generations here.

Binding of Isaac logo for Bargain Exchange on Steam Summer Sale

Next up, we have The Binding of Isaac. Whilst being a relatively creepy game – maybe the creepiest since I started gaming – with extremely dark religious themes, The Binding of Isaac is a great Adventure game of similar style to the original Legend of Zelda game.  It’s already incredibly cheap, and so the -75% discount makes this worth picking up even just to give the game a try. I will add, however, that the game may be too much for some people. A review can be found here. This is another title that I recommend.

Payday the Heist Logo for Bargain Exchange on Gaming Advance

Gaming fans of the co-op experience may want to pick up Payday The Heist, developed by OVERKILL software, with its 75% discount. Players group together to rob from a bank and escape. The whole experience is said to be similar to Left4Dead. Whilst I don’t have the game, I do hear a lot of great things about it. If that type of experience interests you, it’s a title that I recommend. You can find a review here.

SpaceMarine logo for Steam Summer Sale on Bargain Exchange feature

Coming to the end of the best of the offers, Warhammer 40k: SpaceMarine is heavily discounted at 75% off.  The game itself is fairly competent, albeit extremely linear. The combat works out pretty well, as does the melee; however fans of the lore may find the occasional problem. I did enjoy this game, but I find it hard to go back and finish it. That being said, at the price it’s going for I would say that it is worth picking up. It does a good job at making you feel strong and invincible, and it can be a blast. You can find the WTF is SpaceMarine here. I suggest this title, should you enjoy third person shooters.

Lastly, we have Tribes: Ascend. I know, I know. Tribes: Ascend by Hi-Rez Studios is a freemium game, meaning that it’s a free PC download. The developers are funded solely by micro-transactions. The starter pack is available for a 75% discount and delivers bonuses that I heavily recommend anyone adopting the game to purchase. It’s always nice to tip the developers, as well. Tribes: Ascend is an absolutely brilliant first-person shooter that is widely regarded as the best PC FPS game currently on the market. It’s the best game on offer today. If you’re a PC gamer (and I’d assume you are if you are reading this), you must have Tribes: Ascend. It takes FPS gaming on the PC to a new level. You can find a review here.

As for what remains, most of them are good titles. I do suggest that you wait for another sale to pick them up, as they are not discounted enough to be worthwhile picking up in a Steam sale.You’ll undoubtedly see them even more heavily discounted in six months time during the winter sale. If you haven’t picked them up by now, then there’s no harm in waiting that little bit longer, is there?

Brand New PS3 Model?

New PlayStation 3 Model at 16GB, 250GB and 500GB

Images of a brand new PlayStation 3 model have been uploaded on a Portuguese website named Tecnoblog. The new models come in three flavours. We have the 16GB version, 250GB version and 500GB version. This will be the fourth series of PlayStation 3 releases, and appear to be currently available in black. It is unknown whether they will be released in alternative colours.

Alternative image views of the new PlayStation 3 model

It currently doesn’t look too appealing to me, but then this might still just be an early prototype. If anything, however, it does remind me of the most recent PlayStation Portable release which looked like it had been put together with glue and tape. I can’t see anything for the discs to slide in either, so perhaps the ridged section on the front of the body is where we’ll place our discs? 

It currently looks like a budget build, but it will also feature the largest hard drive capacity of any PlayStation system sold at retail to date. What do you guys think of this one? I personally can’t see myself gaming on this one.

It’s near the end of this console generation, and while Microsoft will be releasing a relatively nice looking Halo 4 skinned Xbox 360, Sony may be releasing this ugly looking device. It is rumoured that it will be announced formally at Gamescom next month.

Trailer: Return to Unova

Pokemon Black and White 2 image for brand new trailer on Gaming Advance

Whoops, a little late with this, but here’s the brand new English trailer for upcoming Pokémon titles Black Version 2 and White Version 2. The game sees a return to the Unova region previously visited in the last Pokémon adventure, and will be released on the DS platform this year in October (5th for US, 12th for EU). Trying not to be a complete rehash, the game will also feature brand new areas. Take a look at the trailer below.

Looks like I’ll still be returning to gaming on my DS.