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Capcom Releases Another Resident Evil 6 Press Release, Details Agent Hunter Mode and Ada Wong Campaign

Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Press Release

Capcom released a press statement with information on playable character ‘Ada Wong’, and new game mode ‘Agent Hunt Mode’. To accompany the statement, they also released two trailers and a collection of screenshots.

The press release states that Ada Wong will have her own campaign in the title which is unlocked by beating the main campaign for Leon, Chris and Jake. Her campaign mode will be unique, and she will not be accompanied by a specific co-op partner. Instead, other characters may make guest appearances in her campaign.

Meanwhile, Agent Hunt mode delivers an exciting and fresh new experience for Resident Evil fans. For the first time in a numbered Resident Evil title, players will be able to invade another player’s campaign and attack them as one of the many variations of monsters that they face. The mode is unlocked via beating the respective character’s campaign. The goal is to defeat the agent as a zombie, J’avo or one of the many C-virus mutations. Upon achieving their goal, the ‘hunter’ may advance into another active game session, while the agents are given a game over much like the regular campaign; meanwhile hunters who die are just re-spawned as another type of monster. Fortunately, the agent has a choice to choose whether they would like to permit other players infiltrating their session.

Lastly, Capcom have also detailed the various factions of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. You may read them directly quoted below.

Resident Evil 6 Agent Hunt Mode Press Release

Division of Security Operations
“The DSO was formed in 2011 under the edict of President Adam Benford to protect the country from the new threat of bioterrorism. Its agents are a new breed of flexible, responsive government operatives all of whom work under the direct control of the President.

“Leon S. Kennedy was one of the founding members of the DSO and is one of its best‐known operatives. When Sherry Birkin joined the DSO she was tasked with the protective detail of Jake Muller.

“Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance
“In the wake of the destruction of Umbrella in 2003, B.O.W.s started appearing on black markets around the globe and a number of rogue nations, guerillas and terrorist groups got their hands on them, bringing the B.O.W. threat into the lives of countless innocents.

“In response, the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) in 2004.

“The BSAA started as a non‐governmental organization, but after the Queen Zenobia incident of 2005, as depicted in Resident Evil Revelations, was restructured as a special task force under the direct control of the United Nations.

“Eight branches of the BSAA were established around the world in order to be ready to deal quickly with bioterrorist attacks wherever they occurred. Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans are part of the North American branch, with Chris having been a member of BSAA since its inception. With reports of a new type of B.O.W. appearing in the eastern European country Edonia, Chris and his alpha team are summoned into action.

“Following the overwhelming scale of the bioterrorist attack in Lanshiang, units from around the world including Chris’s are deployed to China to support the Far East Branch in charge of this region.

“Edonian anti‐government mercenaries
“One of a clutch of eastern European democracies formed in the late 1980s, Edonia’s twenty‐year history has been marred with internal strife. Taking advantage of the situation, a group of officers staged a coup d’etat. Government buildings were occupied, but ironically this only served to whip the disorganised government into shape and strengthen their resolve. The then prime minister, who was already losing the support of the people, dissolved parliament, and in its place came a political party calling for strengthened ties with EU countries.

“Things were slowly getting back to normal, although while the elements that staged the coup d’etat were forced into retreat and forced to the brink of elimination, some extremist anti‐government rebels continue to stubbornly resist.

“Into this volatile civil war comes a new, deadly factor: a viral weapon. Someone has been distributing the C‐virus to the rebels, resulting in the appearance of the new B.O.W. strain called the J’avo and the subsequent intervention of BSAA.

“Field Operation Support 
“The FOS was formed in 2011 by Adam Benford, with the aim of supporting government agents, not just from the DSO, but all government agencies of the United States. The FOS issues authorised instructions to agents so they may effectively achieve their missions.”

Resident Evil 6: Agent Hunt Trailer

In the upcoming Resident Evil 6, players will be able to invade other players’ campaigns and launch an attack on them as one of the zombies, J’avo or C-virus mutations — ultimately becoming a hunter. The Agent Hunt Trailer showcases this new game mode where players may finally join the other side in Resident Evil.

The news accompanies a press release that Capcom has released stating the details of the new game mode. Completing the main campaign for one of the characters will unlock their respective Agent Hunt campaign, where the player may hunt another player as a hunter. Should the hunter succeed in killing a player, that player will receive a game over; however, the hunter may continue on into another person’s game world. Players have the option of enabling hunters in their game.

This mode limits a player’s game world up to two separate hunters, while the agent side may be either a single player or a co-op campaign. Should one of the hunters die, they would respawn in the form of another monster.

Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel Announced, Press Release in French

Late last night EA released a Press Release about the new Army of Two title to be released. Named Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, the game is slated for release on March in 2013 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And… that’s about all I know. The press conference is in French, and I’m not going to be sloppy and use Google translate for any news that I write. That being said, I could just have not posted this, but I feel that the title and launch date is information worth sharing to any fans. If any news should come to light, I’ll update this post with that information.

EDIT: Devil’s Cartel will feature both online and split-screen co-op much like the previous titles, and is expected to be released with a superior upgrade and customisation system. Currently, most of the promises are essentially features from the previous titles and aren’t really news. They’re just features we’d expect, and should do no less. Now let’s get some real information.

Eurogamer – Army of Two The Devil’s Cartel announced

Possibly My Most Favourite Gaming Trailer Moment Yet

It’s such a tiny, tiny, bit of the full Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance VGA trailer, but it’s also easily the most informative part. Before this sequence, the combat could easily appear to be a dumbed down button mashing game — much like any movie licensed video game these days. But this tiny four second moment changed all of that.

The sequence suggests, to me, that the combat focuses more on “strings” than “combos”. This would mean that you can combine these “strings” in order to create your very own combos. Notice how he flawlessly attacks the soldier behind him whilst still facing forward. Would that be part of a standard combo when fighting an enemy in front of you? It’d look pretty silly if he did that without an enemy being there. That’s what I mean by generating your own combo, and that means the battle system looks to be filled with depth.

Furthermore, unlike games where you just hold the block button while waiting to be attacked, the sequence seems to imply that guarding is handled through parrying. Rather, the user must time it precisely and deflect the attack. That makes it more challenging, but more importantly, it makes it flow much nicer as you can see.

It’s really incredible just how much more informative this somewhat glossed over sequence expresses compared to the rest of the trailer; however, this is all just pure speculation. It’ll take until the demo that accompanies the Zone of the Enders HD collection before we discover what it’s capable of. But it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a third person action game with this much potential. I really can’t wait.

Dark Gate Launched on Android

Dark Gate released on Android

Kemco’s most recent Japanese Role-Playing Game, Dark Gate, has been launched as of August 1st. The title has been released on Android and, for a limited time, will be on sale for half price.

Dark Gate is a game that follows protagonist Leo in his journey to destroy Dark Gates — rifts in which monsters that were sealed away have been returning through. The task was assigned by a guild leader. On his journey, Leo will meet many individuals that he may not get along with, but will work together under their shared goal.

Featuring an automated battle system, the game delivers very ‘casual’ gameplay. Whilst this usually denotes a bad thing in various gaming circles, it is also far more suitable for an Android title on the go. The battles usually carry on without any player input; however, the player has a myriad of abilities available which they can select for more strategic play. Furthermore, the game features 70 classes which open up a number of options in battle. If that isn’t enough, the game has multiple endings — each ending affected by your choice of party members.

The title is available for $5.99/£5.99, but you can currently pick it up for $2.99/£2.99.