Gaming Advance is a gaming weblog that was created by a small group of very passionate gamers. In particular, the blog itself was first established by William Main as a side project while he studied at University on a Computer Games Software Development course during his final year.

The site originated as a small, personal blog; however, it has grown into a site dedicated to bringing, not just reviews  of videogames, but first looks, news and media related to the medium. Presently, the site still grows and draws from a number of guest writers.


About Sources

Any stories published without a source will written based upon the resources that publishers either submit to us personally, or taken from a trade-only resource website that requests not to be sourced. Otherwise, any other information included in our stories from a third party (eg. another gaming news blog or website) will be sourced appropriately. We believe authors deserve to be credited for the information they research and discover themselves.