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After reading a couple of reviews on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. online, I’ve noticed a common complaint that I would like to address.

In 1998, JoJo’s Venture was released. This was an arcade fighting game based upon the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure graphic novel franchise. In 1999, JoJo’s Venture received a sequel, titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage to the Future. To make this easier to follow, we will be referring to JoJo’s Venture as JJBA1, and Heritage to the Future as JJBA2.

JJBA2 was a revision of JJBA1. As a sequel, JJBA2 featured a number of enhancements including new stages and characters, and was later ported on to the Dreamcast. Meanwhile, the original JJBA had also received a port. It was released on the PlayStation.

The PlayStation port of JJBA1 featured the new characters that JJBA2 introduced into the fighting game series; however, it also included a brand new Super Story Mode, unique to the system. Unfortunately, the game was also poorly ported. Amongst the issues, it suffered from frame-rate problems which happens to be a huge problem in a fast-paced fighting game. As a result, whilst the PlayStation port of JJBA1 had extra content, it was also an inferior version of the game.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver is a perfect port of JJBA2, and is not JJBA1 JoJo’s Venture. It is a port of a separate title. As a result, content was not removed from the HD remake. Instead, Capcom chose to port the sequel over the inferior port of the first game. Essentially, it’s like porting Street Fighter III but complaining that this port lacks the mechanics of Super Street Fighter II. This is also setting aside the fact that the PlayStation port of JJBA1 was released roughly around the same time as JJBA2. This prevents JJBA2 from even incorporating the port Super Story Mode addition — which was added to make up for the PlayStation version being worse than the original JJBA1 anyway.

JJBA HD may be lacking modes such as Super Story Mode, but that feature was never included in the game beforehand. I would also much rather a port of JJBA2 than a sloppy port of the first JJBA title.

I hope this clears up the claims that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver has had content removed.

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